Miscellaneous Single-coil Pickups

Gold Foil
Price: $180.00

One of the first questions we get asked when we meet guitar pickers is - “Do you make Gold Foil pickups”?.

Well, we finally took the hint, and spent the time (two years of R&D) to get it right. We use custom made parts, built to our specs. We hand stamp the foil inserts, one at a time - even the rivets holding the pickup together are custom made. As with all the pickups we make, every aspect of the design has been scrutinized and tested – to sound right and last a lifetime.

Our Gold Foil is a single coil pickup with unusual clarity and power. Expect crystal clear top end with lots of in-your-face harmonic overtones, and a wide dynamic range that can make a typical tube amp give up the dirt - while retaining all the detail and “3D” you expect from a Lollar. Rubberized ferrite magnet with 44 gauge wire. Single conductor only.

Available as singles, 2 piece or 3 piece sets.
Nickel, Chrome or Gold covers.

Neck 6.2K, Middle 6.8K, Bridge 7.25K

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Melody Maker Pickups and Pickguards
Price: $110.00
(Pickguard not included)

Please note: These pickups and pickguards do not fit the Gibson or Epiphone re-issues. They are intended for vintage Melody Makers.

We now have a P-90 replacement pickup and pickguard for original Melody Makers. The original route in the guitar body is too small to fit a soapbar P-90 with a pickup cover but it is large enough to accommodate this modified shaped P-90 pickup. This pickup will not fit a vintage Melody Maker pickguard.

We offer several versions of vintage-style pickguards, shown below. Please call 206-463-9838 or send an email to info@lollarguitars.com for information on pricing and availability.

Our pickup is made of vulcanized fiber just like a telecaster bridge pickup and is buffed to a semi-gloss lightly textured finish with no pickup cover. Pickup measures 8.4K It is available for double cutaway early 60's models with single pickup and for later double cutaway SG style with single pickup. The pickup comes in black only and pickguards are available in single ply black, white or parchment.
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Jaguar Style Pickup
Price: $120.00
Wound to sound similar to original early 60s pickups. I have designed these pickups to offer improved bass fidelity and definition in the neck position, and a fuller fatter tone in the bridge position. Available in white covers with chrome-plated metal claws attached and wax potted on. Vintage style cloth covered lead wires.
Neck 5.8K Alnico 5, Bridge 6.3K Alnico 2

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Single-coil for Humbucker Pickup
Price: $135.00
Single coil tones from a humbucker-size pickup. Our Single-Coil for Humbucker offers a very P90-ish tonality, with a bit more "airiness" and a touch less mid range. The output is similar to a P90, with enhanced clarity and chime. It retains some of the grit and "juiciness" of a P90, while allowing for installation in a humbucker rout with little or no modifications. Alnico2 magnets. Sold as singles or sets. Single conductor, braided shield lead wire. Available in chrome or gold (add $10) open top mounting rings and matte black, gloss black or tortoise top.
Neck 9.7K, Bridge 10.8K

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"The Broiler" Single-coil Pickup
Price: $130.00
A reproduction of the vintage pickup with the classic "jangle". Roger that! The internal construction and winding are the same as the vintage version, with a slight cosmetic change to the cover. They can be used for surface or pickguard mount. We use traditional Gibson-style single conductor lead wire, with a textured matte black top. Overall size is 3.5" x 1.5". The pole spacing is 2 inches as measured from center to center of the outside poles. The pole pieces are .25" diameter, Alnico 5 rod magnets.
Neck 7.8K, Bridge 8.1K

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