Gold Foil Dog Ear Mount

Price: $205.00

One of the first questions we get asked when we meet guitar pickers is - “Do you make Gold Foil pickups”?.

Well, we finally took the hint, and spent the time (two years of R&D) to get it right.We use custom made parts, built to our specs. We hand stamp the foil inserts, one at a time -even the rivets holding the pickup together are custom made. As with all the pickups we make,every aspect of the design has been scrutinized and tested – to sound right and last a lifetime.

Our Gold Foil is a single coil pickup with unusual clarity and power.Expect crystal clear top end with lots of in-your-face harmonic overtones,and a wide dynamic range that can make a typical tube amp give up the dirt -while retaining all the detail and “3D” you expect from a Lollar.Rubberized ferrite magnet with 44 gauge wire. Single conductor only.

Please note: This version of our Gold Foil mounts similarly to a dog ear P90. CLICK HERE to see a diagram for outside dimensions of the ring.

Gold foil Dog ear short cover has an overall height of .35.
Gold foil dog ear tall cover is .65.

NOTE: If you need to order shims for your pickup CLICK HERE.

Available as singles, 2 piece or 3 piece sets.
Nickel, Chrome or Gold covers.

Neck 6.2K, Middle 6.8K, Bridge 7.25K

Pickup Location:
Short Neck
Tall Neck
Bridge for 3-Piece Set (use this bridge with a 3 piece set for hum cancelling in the 2 & 4 positions.)
Cover Options:
Gold (add $10)
Mounting Ring Color:

Gold Foil Dog Ear Mount