Price: $115.00

(Pickguard not included)

Please note: These pickups and pickguards do not fit the Gibson or Epiphone re-issues. They are intended for vintage Melody Makers.

We now have a P-90 replacement pickup and pickguard for original Melody Makers. The original route in the guitar body is too small to fit a soapbar P-90 with a pickup cover but it is large enough to accommodate this modified shaped P-90 pickup.This pickup will not fit a vintage Melody Maker pickguard.

We offer several versions of vintage-style pickguards, shown below. Please call 206-463-9838 or send an email to for information on pricing and availability.

Our pickup is made of vulcanized fiber just like a telecaster bridge pickup and is buffed to a semi-gloss lightly textured finish with no pickup cover. Pickup measures 8.4KIt is available for double cutaway early 60's models with single pickup and for later double cutaway SG style with single pickup. The pickup comes in black only and pickguards are available in single ply black, white or parchment.


Melody Maker Pickguard Options
Les Paul Style PickguardLes Paul Style Pickguard (backside)SG Style Pickguard

Selecting the Correct Les Paul Style Melody Maker Pickguard
There are several pickguard patterns for the LP style Melody Maker. Please click on the links below to view the drawings to help you identify which style you have:

• Les Paul Style Single Pickup Version A
• Les Paul Style Single Pickup Version B
• Les Paul Style Double Pickup Version A
• Les Paul Style Double Pickup Version B
• SG Style Single Pickup Version
• SG Style Double Pickup Version

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