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Lollar Pickups Invades Nashville for The Amp & Gear Expo

amp and gear expo

Nashville friends! Lollar Pickups has invaded your lovely town for this weekend’s excellent Amp & Gear Expo at the Hotel Preston. We’ll be sharing a room with the Rockett Pedals for some sweet two-for-one tonal action. Admission is free for the public, so if you’re in or around the area come down and get your Lollar kicks. Check out the official website here for details.

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The Lollar Gold Foils Are Real and They’re Spectacular





Our highly anticipated Lollar Gold Foil pickups are finally available to order. We are offering a neck and bridge version in standard mount, and a neck version in a floating pickguard mount. Both versions available in nickel, chrome, and gold. If you have any questions, email us at, or call 206-463-9838.

Happy Gold Foil Day!

Meet Marc Connelly’s “Blastercaster”


As we’ve demonstrated time and time again on this blog and our Facebook page, we love unique and beautiful guitars that house Lollar Pickups. From Fano to Rhoney to M-Tone, we are blown away by some best builders in the biz using Lollar to bring the tone to their incredible designs. We wanted to share luthier Marc Connelly’s wild take on the Telecaster, know as the ‘Blastercaster’ – a guitar sold at the Hydroplane & Raceboat Museaum Gala and Auction for a cool $11,000! Let’s hear from Marc himself about this one-of-a-kind instrument:

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Lollar Pickups Primer: The 3-Wire Tele Modification

teleactionA 4-way switch mod for Tele style guitars has always been a fun, “secret sauce” menu item for discerning guitar players. We don’t offer a pickup set that will work with it as a standard option but if you ask nicely we just might make one for you…

The standard three-way-switch gives you the three classic Tele position we all know and love. Neck pickup alone, neck + bridge in parallel, and bridge pickup alone – A tone formula that’s had the ladies swoonin’ and shakin’ since 1951. The 4-way Tele mod (TELE 4 WAY PDF) introduces a new position, the neck and bridge combo in series, which can give any Tele player a bit more versatility.

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Body Mount? Pickguard Mount? Wha? Choosing Your Charlie Mounting Options

CC Blacka








Discerning tone connoisseurs have known about our Charlie Christian pickups for a while now – Tim Lerch’s tasty chops have seen to that:

But one question we do get quite a bit – What is the major difference between the two mounting options we provide for the Tele neck version of a Charlie? Body mount or pickguard mount? Which do I need? (that’s actually three questions, but who’s counting?)

First, the biggest difference is how they attach to your guitar. The CC for Tele body mount attaches directly to the body, with no visibly pickup screws on the pickguard. Some say attaching pickups to the body gives the tone a bit more of that “woody” resonance. Pickguard mount is exactly that – the CC is mounted to your pickgaurd and the three mounting screws are visible on the pickguard. We don’t find much of a tone difference between the two methods – in general, height adjustments are easier to make on the pickguard mount version. Plus, the pickgaurd mount is a lot easier to install correctly. Getting the body mount version straight and even to line up with the hole in the pickguard takes some skill and effort to accomplish.

Physically, the two pickups are almost identical. The body mount features larger, untapped holes that allow the mounting screws to pass through them into the body. The pickguard mount features smaller, tapped holes designed to allow the pickup to hang from the pickguard via 3 adjustment screws.

Last but not least, because of the variation in mounting styles, there is a subtle difference in the size of the rout for the body of your guitar.  Below are the routing diagrams of the body mount and the pickguard mount:

CC FOR TELE Routing Body mount template


One more thing… here’s a video of Jason installing a body mount version:

If you have any other questions, please contact us at Happy tone hunting!

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