Welcome To The DULLhouse

We get asked all the time, “Why does my old pickup sound dull?”

There are many reasons the tone can suffer on vintage pickups…

These p'ups aren't just *playing* dead... They're dead!

These p’ups aren’t just *playing* dead… They’re actually dead!


We can’t resurrect or improve every beaten, tired, old pickup that we come across. Some of them, like the ones seen above, are just too far gone. Only a complete rebuild, with brand new parts could bring them back to life – but at that point, you may as well just replace it! You can’t shine a turd, as they say (even if you could, you’d still just have a shiny turd). But, just maybe, your dull sound isn’t the turd you thought it was, so in this edition, we’ll address the possible causes and potential solutions.


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I’d Like To Go On Record And Say…

We’re pretty excited about what we have on the horizon here at Lollar Pickups!

Engineer: "That one was pretty good too, but I think we can get better, let's try another take? 'Mane Event' guitar solo, take 43..."  Lion: "I think we should take a lunch break, you look delicious... I MEAN HUNGRY... you look HUNGRY!"  Engineer: "I think we got everything we need. That's a wrap, everyone! Let's call this one done!"

We’ve Upgraded our in-house recording facilities to offer everything anyone could want in sound clips; more, better, and faster!



But seriously, it's almost 2018 and we're just NOW getting a computer-based recording setup?!?

Sleep long, sweet prince. You’ve served us well, but your time to rest has come.

In the past, all of our sound clip recordings were made in our employee break room on an old standalone Tascam DP 01 digital Portastudio multitrack recorder that we picked up circa 2005. While the DP 01 was pretty cool way back when “Dubyah” was still in the Oval Office, now days it seems a little… antiquated.





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Holy Chicago Steel! More Orville Johnson!

adam-west-batmanIt’s Monday, and we knew you could use a little more Lollar and Johnson goodness. Enjoy the video, and then race to your phones!

Best Selling Lollar P-90 Style Pickups

This article is third in a series of discussions about best selling Lollar pickups. This session will feature our best selling Lollar P-90 style pickups.

Lollar P-90 Pickups:

The Lollar P-90 is really the “flagship” Lollar pickup, and is often considered “the” pickup that began to draw customers’ attention to Lollar pickups.

Lollar P90 soapbar sets are a strong favorite.

Lollar P90 soapbar sets are a strong favorite.

Our best selling P-90 is the standard wind soapbar style pickup. In fact, we sell over twice as many of this particular model of P-90 than all of our other p-90 pickups combined. That includes all of the other soapbar and dogear models that make up our entire list of P-90 stock models.

Many of the builders we work with install the Lollar standard wind P-90 soapbar sets. Some of these builders include Collings, Godin, Heritage, and National Resophonic.

In fact, as an historical tidbit, it was National Resophonic that was the first established guitar builder that purchased a small run of Lollar P-90 soapbar pickups for use in one of their electric instruments. Since that original purchase in 2002, the Lollar P-90 soapbar has continued to be original equipment on the National Resophonic “Resoelectric” guitar.

For more specific information on our standard P-90 follow this link to Lollar P-90 pickups. And, as we’ve mentioned before, there is really no “wrong” answer when making your individual pickup choice. Each model of Lollar pickups has its own unique advantages. Our best advice is to decide what you’d like to accomplish for the specific project or instrument you are working on, and then base your decision on what’s right for you.

Next week’s discussion about best selling Lollar pickups will focus on best selling Lollar humbuckers.