Why Are You Reading This And Not Listening To Our New Soundclips?

You’re still here. Reading this sentence, not listening to Tim Lerch’s new soundclips for a couple of our favorite models. Rectify this immediately.

Clean and dirty. Neck and bridge. All the good stuff. Click on the links below:




Also we have a dedicated Soundcloud page with clips for just about every pickup we make. Gorge on tone!

Tim Lerch Makes It Look Easy With Lollar Pickups

There are a few things we unequivocally love here at Lollar Pickups, and Tim Lerch’s tasty chops are pretty high on that list (authentic carnitas tacos a close second). Tim has been cutting killer demos for years, and it’s always a treat to hear his take on our pickups.

We recently asked Tim to record a whole bunch of new YouTube video demos highlighting some of our favorite pickup combinations and guitars, and the first couple have already hit the interwebs. Check them out!

Lollartron Set in a Collings CL Deluxe:

Firebird Set in a Collings 360:

Standard P90 set in a Collings 290:

Good News Everyone! Premier Guitar Loves Lollars

Premier Guitar unveiled their 2012 Premier Gear Awards (check it out here), and we couldn’t be prouder that the only individual pickup chosen for this prestigious honor is our El Rayo humbucker! This recognition is especially sweet because the pickup isn’t based on any vintage designs, we set out to create something unique that players would love. Mission accomplished! And not only are we proud of our El Rayo being mentioned, we were blown away by the sheer number of builders and guitars mentioned that use our pickups for their wonderful instruments. We love working with all these amazing luthiers to bring their tone visions to life. Here’s a rundown of the instruments honored and what Lollar pickups they use:

Bilt Guitars Zatfig – Regals

M-Tone SlipstreamP90’s

Jason Z. Schroeder Chopper TL “T-Pine”Special T’s

Fano PX4Thunderbirds

You’ve Got Lollartron Questions? ¿Que? We’ve Got Answers!


Tron Guy loves Lollartrons

Jason was kind enough to sit down with us and answer a few frequently asked questions about our newest sensation, the Lollartron humbucker. Check it out below:

You can also check out the Lollartron page on our website here.