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Better Know a Builder: BiLT Guitars

Here at Lollar Pickups, we love working closely with some of the best builders in the industry to find the right tone for their custom creations. So we thought we’d spotlight some of the unique builds and the thought process behind them. Next up is BiLT Guitars and their sexy Zaftig model, equipped with Lollar Regal pickups: 

Lollar Pickups: What made you choose Lollar Regals for the Zaftig?

BiLT Guitars: We had several people ask us to have the reissue (Wide Range) units redone to sound more like guitar pickups, then Regals appeared and the rest is history.

LP: I’m too lazy to Google it. What the heck is a Zaftig?

BG: The word describes the female form with extra curviness, make sense? (Editors note: an image search for “zaftig” is NSFW but super fun for home.)

LP: Describe the typical player that would love a BiLT Guitar.

BG: Anyone who enjoys having something slightly different visually, and doesn’t mind being approached after shows and asked questions like “what in the heck (hell) are you playing?”

LP: Favorite guitar you’ve ever built?

BG: We made a solid rosewood Jazzmaster for Nels Cline back before we settled on BilT being something we were actually going to do.

LP: What guitarist, alive or dead, would you love to build a guitar for?

BG: We’ve been really lucky to work with a lot of great artists, but if P. Rogers Nelson were to come along and ask for our stuff, that would be rad!

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