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Pickup Winding book by Jason Lollar Now Available

Jason Lollar’s book, Basic Pickup Winding and Complete Guide to Making Your Own Pickup Winder, is now available for direct purchase.This version of Lollar’s pickup winding book is a revised 3rd edition. It includes a new preface, an updated list of parts and materials suppliers, and a new list of references that you can use to increase your knowledge about guitar pickup winding.

Basic Pickup Winding by Jason Lollar is now available directly from Lollar Pickups

Basic Pickup Winding by Jason Lollar is now available directly from Lollar Pickups

The new preface is interesting because Jason talks a bit about some of the things that he’s seen happen in the pickup winding industry since the first publication of the book in 1998.

The revised list of parts suppliers is helpful because it contains current sources of parts and materials that will be useful should you venture into some guitar pickup winding projects of your own. Many of these suppliers are either new, or have become much more accessible for supplying guitar pickup parts and materials. Basic Pickup Winding by Jason Lollar is available directly through the Lollar Pickups web site. You can find it in the “Lollar Merchandise” section¬†under the “Resources” tab. Or you can simply follow this link to purchase Jason Lollar’s book about Basic Pickup Winding.

This book has been reprinted as a courtesy to our customers and the many guitar enthusiasts out there. It is not returnable and cannot be exchanged. The purchase of this book does not include phone technical support. Please do not call the shop.

Here is a quote from the new Preface:
The real reason I quit publishing the book was that people took for granted they could call me on the phone and have me hold their hand through the learning process so I would get 10 to 50 calls from one guy after another and I just can’t give any time away. I did meet a lot of people I enjoyed talking to but I need to do my own work.

At this time, there are many resources available that did not previously exist. The internet has grown dramatically over the last decade and can provide a wealth of information on the subject of guitar pickup winding. For example, you can go to the Pickup Maker’s Discussion Forum at¬† This is one of Jason’s favorite pickup winding forums.

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