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Ain’t No Party Like a Gold Foil Party ‘Cause a Gold Foil Party Don’t Stop

We’re super stoked on the response we’ve received on our brand new Goil Foil pickups, you guys are awesome! We knew we had a winner on our hands but the reaction has been beyond fantastic. Many players and builders are so excited about the tonal possibilities and sexy looks that we keep getting killer pictures sent to us of in progress and finished builds! So we thought we share some of our favorites here on the old Lollar Blog. Send in some more and we’ll post ’em!

Bilt Volare – Custom made for Nels Cline:


Creston Electric – Offset Gold Foil Custom

gold foil jag

 Customer Jeff – Strat with Gold Foil Neck and Chicago Steel for Strat Bridge


Cardinal InstrumentsWest Model in progress

Jeff Senn Guitars – Pomona

Asher GuitarsElectro-Sonic Model built for Jackson Browne


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