Humbucker Pickup Comparison

Imperial® Humbuckers
Medium output in the vintage range with a hotter wound bridge pickup than a typical vintage set. Has a fuller bridge tone and a cleaner, brighter, tighter middle position. Neck is hot enough to play on the edge of amp distortion, use picking pressure for a cleaner or dirtier sound.
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Low Wind Imperial® Humbuckers
Very good for the occasional Les Paul that has a tendency to be overly dark in the neck position and for guitars that sound darker in general. Also good for combining with amps that are heavy in the midrange, or if clean and tight bass response is more important than any other quality of tone.
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High Wind Imperial® Humbuckers
This is the highest output set I make although they are what is still considered "vintage output." Distorted and clean quality is creamier and smooth at the cost of some low-end tightness. Works very well for playing distorted more often than clean. Also for guitars lacking fullness and sustain, overly bright guitars, or light thin body guitars like an SG.
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