Imperial Humbucker Pickup

Price: $175.00


Captures the airy top end, tight lows, balanced midrange, and complexovertones of the best original PAF pickups. In reviews it is consistentlygiven high marks for its balanced frequency response. Unbalanced coils keepthe bottom end tight for the amount of fullness the pickups have, overtonesbuild after each note is played. Alnico 2 magnets in the neck & alnico 5 magnets in the bridge are de-gaussed tospecific levels, unique to the neck and bridge positions. Nickel silverpickup cover, single conductor braided shield wire-options available. Soldas singles or as sets.
Neck 7.6K, Bridge 8.4K

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Imperial Humbucker Pickup

Cover Options
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Double BlackUncovered, ZebraUncovered, Reverse ZebraTortoise (shown with gold ring—also available in chrome)Pearl (shown with chrome ring—also available in gold)
MP3 Files of Imperial Humbucker Pickup

Soundfiles above played by Greg Timmons with a Fender Brown Vibrolux and a Gibson 335.

Here's our buddy Dom Polito ( getting his "Zep" on with our standard Imperials...

Full-length Soundfiles

Using our Imperial Humbuckers played through a Speedster Class A "40" amp.