Single-Single-Humbucker Pickups Set Recommendations

When specified for an S-S-H setup, the F space bridge is made with 4 conductor wire and is configured to allow for hum canceling operation when the humbucker is split and combined with the single coil middle pickup. When the humbucker is split, the slug side of the humbucker bridge combines with the middle single coil pickup in the humcancelling mode.

There are two most often recommended combinations for an S-S-H combination:

Set 1: Lollar Vintage Blonde neck, Lollar Vintage Blonde middle, and a low wind Lollar Imperial F-spaced bridge.

Set 2: Lollar Vintage Blackface neck, Lollar Vintage Blackface middle, and a Lollar standard wind Imperial F-spaced bridge.

The Blonde/Blonde/Low Wind set retains the most quack in the #4 position when combined with the split humbucker coil. The tone of the split humbucker & middle single coil combination is almost identical to a standard strat in position #4. This set is sweeter and more defined overall than the Lollar Blackface set. In contrast, the Blackface/Blackface/Imperial set has more of a grind, and a noticeable amount more output, mids, and bass than the Lollar Vintage Blondes.

The Blackface/Blackface/ with standard Imperial bridge drive the amp harder and may be better suited for a harder rock or driving "blues" sound. This set would also be recommended for those that play clean and want a little fuller midrange tone.

The Blonde/Blonde/ with low wind Imperial bridge are a little cleaner and more defined than the Vintage Blackface S-S-H set. If the #4 position tone has a lot of weight in the decision, then the Lollar Vintage Blonde set wins out for retaining the quack when the middle is combined with the low wind bridge in split coil mode.

When the low wind F-spaced bridge is used as a full humbucker, it has a small boost in volume as compared to the Blonde single coils When the standard wind F-spaced Imperial is used as a full humbucker it will have a bit more boost in volume, as compared to the Blackface single coils.

For either choice, the humbuckers match up well in volume with the rest of the set when the humbucker is in the split coil mode.

F-spaced humbuckers are available in all of the same cover styles as our standard humbucker. They are also available with antique white bobbin(s) as well.