Technical Resources: Documentation, Videos, and Support

Lollar Pickups understands that installing, adjusting, and using your new pickups may require a little additional help. We are here to help. We are hoping the following resources are useful, but if you need additional help, don't hesitate to contact us.

Technical Documentation

Technical Data for Lollar Pickups: Specs on Lollar Pickups for DC Resistance, magnet strength, and inductance.

Flat Pole vs. Staggered Pole Pickups: Read about the differences between Flat Pole and Staggered Pole Pickups.

Single-Single-Humbucker Pickups Set Recommendations: Read about Lollar's recommended combinations of Single-Single-Humbucker pickup combinations.

Dog Ear Sizing and Casino/Wildcat Model: Read important notes on P-90 Dog Ear and Casino Wildcat model installation and adjustment.

General Pickup Installation Instructions: General installation instructions for many of our pickup models.

Pickup Wiring Diagrams: Wiring diagrams for a number of our pickup lines.

Jason's Book: Get the book that started it all, Jason's own Basic Pickup Winding and Complete Guide to Making Your Own Pickup Winder.


Technical Videos

Mini Humbucker Pickup Installation: 5-part video series where Jason Lollar shows you how to install a Lollar Mini Humbucker pickup.

Installing a Strat Pickup: 3-part video series where Jason Lollar shows you how to install a Strat pickup.

P-90 Pickup Installation: 7-part video series where Jason Lollar shows you how to install a P-90 pickup.

Charlie Christian Pickup Installation: 2-part video series where Jason Lollar shows you how to install a Charlie Christian pickup into a Tele-style guitar.

Melody Maker Pickup & Pickguard Installation: Jason Lollar demonstrates how to install a new pickup and pickguard in a vintage Melody Maker.

Adjusting Guitar Pickups: Jason Lollar demonstrates how to adjust your pickups.


Support & Additional Resources

Frequently Asked Questions: Read through questions that are frequently asked by our customers, artists, dealers and builders.

Guitar Pickups Articles: Read a sampling of write-ups about Lollar Pickups in national guitar publications.

Custom Testimonials: Read some of the great things that our customers have to say about Lollar Pickups.

Shipping & Return Policy: Valuable information about Lollar Pickups' Shipping Policy, Return Policy and Product Warranties.

Contact Lollar Pickups: Contact us with any additional support questions you might have, we are here to help!