Customer Testimonials

Providing excellent service and the highest quality pickups is what we do at Lollar Pickups, and it keeps our customers coming back. Here are some of the great things they have to say about us:

In the past few years I've had the chance to play many incredible guitars... Fenders and Gibsons from the 50's and 60's. I've gotten to hear and feel what the real deal is. Once you've had a taste it's hard to turn back. But this stuff has gotten impossibly expensive and not really practical to own and play unless you're a millionaire or something. Thank goodness there's someone like Jason Lollar around who is inside of this stuff and totally knows and understands what's happening, and makes it available to everyone. Jason and his pickups are the real deal. Thank you Jason.

Bill Frisell
Seattle, WA

I received my Charlie Christian pickup on Friday, and following your instructions dropped it into a Tele, and have played that guitar ever since.

At the Friday night show, pretty girls sought my attention and laughed at my witty conversation. Even the bass player bought me a drink. My dandruff cleared up during the Saturday afternoon session, and by Saturday night's gig even my wife offered me sexual favours. This morning I realized the waistband of my jeans was much too large, and that I had developed x-ray vision.

Now men no longer kick sand in my face, and it's all thanks entirely to Lollar Pickups.

Very tasty.

Stuart Nisbet
Edinburgh, Scotland

I have started playing steel guitar a way back in 1948. I then went on to Fender Musical Instruments to work as an endorser and sales rep for Fender. It was there I became good friends with Leo Fender whose expertise manufacturing steel guitars basses guitars etc, became known throughout the world. In my lifetime I have seen many come and go, the one person that impressed me as much as Leo Fender is my friend Jason Lollar. Jason is a fine human being and easy to work with, does excellent work and in my opinion is "One in a Million" at his trade. His pickups and rewinding are the BEST. Jason, don't ever stop helping us guitarists all over the World. You are the BEST!!!!

Jody Carver
Musician and Former Fender Sales Representative
The Knight of Fender Tweed

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for building such phenomenal pickups. I purchased a Collings 290 with a set of your P90s in it and it sounds fantastic. I have read about you in many publications and a friend has a Collings CL with a set of Lollars in it. The sound of that guitar is pretty special and even though my 336 is a small size, semi-hollow body guitar, not a solid body, I decided to try a set of your humbuckers. After speaking to you, I settled on the Imperials and had them installed by RS Guitar Works along with a set of their pots, caps, etc... All I can say is WOW! The tone is so much better than the original Gibson's. The tone is now balanced across the strings and between the neck and bridge pickups. The original pick ups were either muddy, or clanky depending on the amp and tone settings, but now, the tone is just smooth, clear and clean.

Again, thanks for chasing the dragon for the rest of us.

Sure, go ahead and use my comments. I still stand by them too. My 336 sounds fantastic and it may just keep me from buying a Collings I35, hence keeping my marriage intact.

Jon Wardell
McKinney, TX

Now, I have been all around with pickups (I just sold a pair of PAF's) both original and replacement. My '50's Les Paul conversion has a pair of double white PAF's and they are arguably the best pickups I have ever heard but that is a very unique guitar that produces a rather identifiable tone. It is one of the best and I am very lucky to have it. But your Imperial Humbucker is the stuff! That is the best sounding PAF replacement pickup I have ever heard. I was shocked, as was the guy in the room with me during the replacement. That Max Les Paul just came to life and it became a completely different guitar. This is a tremendous improvement in tone. I know you are tops in the P90 market but your Imperial humbucker is its equal. Your products are the best.

John Heuring
Rochester, NY

Thanks so much for the pickups. They just arrived. I ordered them about 22 hours ago...

That is incredible.


Saul Koll Guitars
Portland, OR

I purchased a set of '52 pickups from you about two years ago and just want to let you know that I have been doing studio work and sessions for 40 years this year and have never in my life heard anything like your pickups. I completely customized a '68 Tele that was worn to crap. It was done in pristine condition with no compromise. I use a 1958 Fender Tremoloux for this guitar and turn many heads much less bodies. I wish you the best of success and a great outlook for the future with your products. If I can do anything to help you through your career, as I see many people in the recording business, please do not hesitate to let me know. I spread the word as often as I can. I am considering a Hahn model 228. Nothing I ever heard compares to it with swamp ash and your pickups. In my opinion you have found glory. God bless!

Paul M. Cambre

Mr. Lollar, this pickup of yours is nothing short of amazing! Clean, clear tone with a lovely, great low end. Simplify wonderful! Thank you for all your hard work & effort!

Matthew Landry
Seattle, WA

I was able to play it last night through my home-built 5E3 and Marshall 18-watt clones. My goal for this acoustically-bright guitar was a Telecaster on steroids, so I used my Telecaster to calibrate my ears before auditioning your pickup. With your pickup in the Epiphone, I was immediately hearing the exact sound I was after! It has the output and push of a humbucker with the twang and articulation of a single coil. The grunt deficiency in the midrange is totally cured. Pick squeals are effortless. I really like how it cleans up from the guitar's volume being rolled back, as none of my amps are channel switchers.

I usually like to wait a few weeks before I make a final judgment on a piece of gear, but there is no need to do that in this case; this pickup is fabulous and does exactly what I want it to!

Thanks a heap!

Drew Ballantyne
Independence, MO

The pickups give nice crunchy rhythm tones and compress nicely when digging in on single note runs. I am typically a fender guy and I mostly play strats with 57/62 pickups. But these P 90's are killer. I just wanted to say thank you for making a wonderful pickup and I am proud to have them as a wonderful asset to my Chaz DePaolo Wicked Instruments signature model. Thank you once again and keep up the good work!

Chaz DePaolo
Bayonne, NJ

I received the imperials and installed them. Exactly what I was looking for! I had a '59 ES-345 with zebra bobbin PAFs that I had to sell a few years ago to get a mortgage down payment together. Now I've fully got the tone of that guitar coming out of this $370 Epiphone Dot! That's a beautiful thing.

Awesome pickups. Thanks again,

David Rogers
Brooklyn, NY


I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how jazzed I am with your P90s. I have to sit on a towel now when I play because I frequently wet myself over the tone. After playing stock humbuckers for 20 years, it's like playing a whole new guitar. The clarity is incredible up and down the spectrum on both pickups. I'm playing better because I can hear all the nuances of each note! I just love that 'sproing' sound of the pick attack. I could never bring that out with the old pickups. And man are these things quiet! No hum here. I was somewhat afraid to install the P90s because I thought I might be disappointed. Wow, no worries! I'm in Black Sabbath, Santana and Allman Brothers heaven each time I plug in.

Doug Gordon
St. Louis, MO


Thought I would drop you a line to say that I have installed a set of your P-90 pick-ups in my gold top Epi as well as one of your Vintage-T Tele pickups in my overseas Tele.

I also—as per your instructions—changed the pots, caps and output jacks that I also purchased from you in each guitar. The best way I can describe the sound without getting an X rating on this message is that it was like getting your first deep kiss ever. The sound was that unbelievable.

My amp that I thought was always a bit on the muddy side cleaned up and never sounded better and all was well with the world.

I just placed an order for the matching neck pickup for my tele and I plan on changing the pickups in some of my more expensive guitars because if your pickups can make my knock around instruments sound that good I can only imagine what they can do for a more expensive guitar.

Thank you for all the good advice and for such a great product.

Thank you,

Robert Berardi
Howell, NJ

I bought a set of your strat specials about 2 yrs. ago. I've been playing damn near 40 yrs., and a whole lot of that as a pro. I own several strats, and other pickups, & teles of course. However, after nearly 2yrs. living and working with your specials, I feel that I've got a good handle on them. They are inspiring to play, so "toney," so ugly, so smooth, so everything. I cannot imagine working without them, and the strat that houses them has become my favorite, getting used about 75% of stage time. No, my dandruff hasn't cleared up, and women still think I'm ugly, but I had to tell you how much I love these p.u.'s. I don't sound like Phil Brown, but I hear some of that beautiful high end, and guttural bottom end, when I listen to his cds. I can tell at once when he is using the specials. I'm not trying to blow smoke up your skirt, I'm just a working musician who isn't led by the latest trend, just tone. I know you are busy, so thank you for these pickups, they make my others sound lacking, and they are decent p.u.'s, but the specials are truly special, probably the best set I'll ever own. My Lord, what tone.

Jim McArthur
Radcliff, KY


Had them installed yesterday worked on them for a few hours last night - they sound fantastic!! Incredible - My long out-of-favor Tele is back in The Fold again!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!

Daniel Jans
Vancouver, BC

The low wind Imperials sound unreal! The stock pickups sounded pretty good but these are just awesome. Warm, dynamic, smooth, clear and all the other clichéd adjectives. The bridge pup sounds like a great rock & roll PAF, the neck pup sounds smokey and great for jazz & blues and both pups together sound perfect for rockabilly. Great, great set up. Could not be happier.

Billy Penn
Toms River, NJ

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received my Lollar P-90 today and it kicks ass! It destroys ass. It lights ass on fire and roasts weenies over the flames! As soon as I pulled it out of the box I could see the quality workmanship, heavier and better looking than my original Gibson. You can count on another 5 star review on Harmony Central. Great pick up and a very fair price! Thanks guys!!!

Brian Yamato
Prague, Czech Republic

PS—Even though I want to sound better than everyone else, I'll let the secret out.

You must hear this all the time but your pickups are unreal. I have never, ever heard such an expressive sound out of pickups. You have a gift.

Tim Drnec
Placentia, CA

So amazed about your jazz master and jaguar pickups...I had to write you about it.

We are used to your very fine products, but we are very happy to discover you can surprise us even more. We had the chance to listen to a Jazz Master of one of our customers we just put on your pickups and we got astonished about the beauty of the tone you achieved. Furthermore one of our costumers from Pamplona wrote us about the Jaguar ones in the same way. Please never give up doing the things the way you do.

Best Regards.

Marc Gras Masip
Electronvolt effects

Greetings Lollar Guitars,

I just received and installed the two Fender Trapezoid pickups that were repaired for my old Dual Professional, and they sound better than I've ever heard them! I wanted to send an extra "thanks-a-million" for the incredible service. I'm well aware that you went out of your way to get the pickups repaired sooner than you usually do them. Also, thank you for keeping me informed and updated, which in the area of guitar repair, is very rare compared to my past experiences. I will certainly recommend your company to everybody and anybody in need of pickup repairs, replacements, etc. I will also look to your company first whenever I need anything in that area.

Thanks a lot,

Sean Ziegler
Austin, TX

Jason and everyone,

A note to say thank you, thank you, thank you for your outstanding pickups. As you know, Jason, when it comes to old Fender pickups I split hairs...until you came along it has been impossible to find someone who makes pickups that actually sound like those old greasy beasts....Recently I have started listening again to Robbie Robertson, Albert Collins, Johnny Guitar Watson, got knocked out again by that tone and tried to find something that actually sounded like a warm, fat, sprongy bridge pickup...the sound of bacon fat armed with an icepick and out for murder...

You've nailed it. I threw in your Vintage T tele bridge pickup and it made my hair stand on a GOOD way. That's THE sound, man, of those old overwound pickups, the more I turn it up the fatter it gets...the top end is NEVER unbalanced or harsh, and the mids just sing and the lows sound like Jimmie Vaughan trapped in a Folger's coffee can...clanky, woody, fat and warm.

Thanks again, Jason, and feel free to pass my comments along to your customers. You are the MAN!!!

Tim Sherman
Seattle, WA

Not only are your pickups the most badass there is, your service is amazing!!!

Just received order!!!


Tonight is gonna be so sweeeeet. Unskinny Bop will have never sounded so good!!!

Trent Crawford
East Gosford Music
Gosford, New South Wales, Australia

Just felt compelled to write a quick note to say thanks!! I am blown away by these pickups! I am 56 years young and have been playing since I was 15 so I have had many guitars.....My tone search is over. Thanks for the time and effort you have put into your craft. These pickups are truly more "musical" than any I have had in any guitar ever. Much respect and gratitude,

F. David Will
Crawfordsville, IN


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I like my new Lollar P-90s that I purchased a few weeks ago. I had picked up a cheap Gold top reissue with a great neck, fret board, etc., but with all the cheap parts that come with it. I completely gutted the thing and put in all new pots, jacks, switches, wiring, and capacitors along with my new Lollar P-90s. Wow! This thing is an animal now and will hold its own against any stock Gibson with P-90s without a doubt and I think might even be better. A buddy of mine that normally says he doesn't care for P-90s was amazed at the smooth creamy tones you can get out of the neck pickup and was totally impressed with the mean, nasty (in a good way) sounds you can get out of the bridge pickup. I'm an extremely satisfied customer and will have no problem at all letting everyone know, when I'm asked, "Damn--what kind of pickups are those?" that they are Lollars. And me, I'm smiling because this is exactly the result I was looking for.

Thanks a bunch,

Tim Nolte
Chesapeake Beach, MD

I just sent this tonight to one of my students, it explains my excitement and appreciation for your artwork. I got the Jason Lollar blondes, they are the best sounding, feeling pickups I've ever laid my hands on. I didn't know that pickups could make such a change. They are stunningly soft, poppy, toneful, soul machines. Incredibly responsive, this guy is the Stradivari of the pickup. Ordered a set for my tele a few days ago. Forgot to mention what no one else seems to have noticed, they are very quiet too. I play guitar for a living and since childhood I've had a hunger and curse of always trying to achieve a better sounding and FEELING guitar, amp, pedal combination. I've never felt and heard such drastic change and improvement as when I installed your Blonde model strat pickups. They sound great with one of the best sounding guitar amps ever made; a narrow panel tweed super, (I have two of them) and also just as wonderful; a narrow panel tweed deluxe. (I have three of these) Thanks so much. May you have as happy and productive a life as Mr. Stradivari (he is believed to have made about 1200 violins, violas and cellos, worked into his 90's).

D. Trainer


Just installed the Jazz Bass neck and bridge pickups in my 2003 Fender Highway One Jazz Bass. Wow—what a difference! Just the tone I was looking for without the need to invest in a new instrument. While I'm sure you receive lots of letters from those who have installed your pickups in expensive instruments, I wanted you to know that those of us with more modest instruments appreciate your efforts as well.

All the best,

Mike Borkum

Hello Mr. Lollar,

I am sure you get emails like this every day, so there is no need for you to respond, but I would be remiss if I didn't write you. I bought a Nash telecaster last week and it arrived yesterday, equipped with your pickups and it is the best sounding guitar I have ever owned, and I have owned a lot. I have a lot of telecasters, some sounding better than others but I had given up ever having a great tele tone and chalked it up to operator error. Yesterday I saw what a truly great pickup can do for a guitar. Your pickups make all the other pickups I own sound like something coming up from under the water.

I could go on forever, but you've heard all this before from much better players so I'll conclude with saying your work is astonishing and the glowing Tone Quest recommendations don't go far enough. Thanks for such great tone.

Charlie Lacy
Rochester, MN

Hello Jason,

The Charlie Christian pickups for telecaster you made for me (neck and bridge) are still the "toniest" (is that a word?) pickups I have laid hands on. Admittedly I am a recreation player and someone more capable than myself could more than likely push the tone further, but I am so damn impressed every time I play through them.

My whole focus has changed to playing clean and hearing the notes. I started picking up pre-war blues, Charlie Christian, swing and jazz; it simply knocks me out. Thanks for all your hard work!


Tim Smith

I've been a fan of your pickups for a while, and recently had the chance to install a set of your Imperial humbuckers for a customer. I have to say I was very impressed. I have another manufacturer's humbuckers in two of my guitars, and thought I was pretty happy. But the Imperials, at least in the guitar I was working on, really had a different character and musicality that I can't get out of my head. I hope to be getting a set for myself soon. I already own a set of your mini-humbuckers and love them. My coworker is an Epiphone Wilshire/Coronet fanatic, and the other day we happened to have 4 of them in the shop—a '64 and a '68 with original Gibson/Epiphone mini-hums, a '66 with a Lollar p-90 in the bridge, and another '66 with Lollar mini-hums. All of them sounded great, but I was thrilled to find that the Lollars were my favorite of the bunch. All the character of the old ones, but slightly brighter and tighter, with better definition throughout. We would be excited to become a Lollar dealer based on these experiences.

Brian Watson
Portland Custom Shop / Sick String Guitar Repair
Portland, OR