Thunderbird Bass Pickups

Price: $210.00

The classic T-bird thunder! Custom magnets, bobbins, steel base plate and pickup covers made from scratch...essentially the same as the originals with a few improvements. I wind a hotter bridge pickup for better balance, and a very quick wax potting to keep the pickup cover from being overly microphonic (and to ensure the coils don't become more microphonic over time). It's clear and smooth, but can also get the trademark growl Thunderbirds are known for. Alnico 5 bar magnets. Nickel is the standard cover, but we have chrome, gold, and black chrome available in limited quantities.
7.95K neck, 9K bridge

We also have optional black pickup shims (1/16" neck - 1/8" bridge)for retrofitting into Epiphone basses with the rectangular plastic pickups.$8.00 pair

Pickup Location:
Pickup Cover Color:
Gold (add $10)
Black Chrome
  Optional Shim (add $8)
  Optional Nickel Ring (add $10)

Thunderbird Bass Pickups

Model Options
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Optional shim for Epiphone bass

MP3 Files of Thunderbird Bass pickups

Sound clips played by Keith Lowe

Installing a Thunderbird Bass Pickup