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Kazumi Watanabe, Collings, and Lollar!


Kazumi Watanabe - photo by Leslie Kee

We always love to hear about great guitar players, especially when they are using our pickups! Our Japanese distributor, Zenbu Japan, recently informed us that the legendary Kazumi Watanabe has been spinning many of his burning jazz and fusion lines on a Collings SoCo, complete with Lollar Imperials!

Mr. Watanabe has been one of Japan’s most important and influential guitarists (and composers) since the mid-seventies. He has played and recorded with many of the worlds greatest musicians, and received the prestigious Fumio Nanri Award in 1991. He has also been a visiting professor of music at Senzoku Gakuen College since 1996.

Please enjoy his playing!

Lollar Pickups in Japan… Sugoi!

We’ve recently received some fantastic photos of Lollar pickups in the Land of the Rising Sun. Our Superstar distributor, Zenbu Japan, along with their top-of-the-line dealers, have created some beautiful displays of Lollar goodness… Check it out!

Miki Gakki – Shinsaibashi Store

Miki Gakki

So much good stuff…

Hybrid Guitars

Hybrid Guitars

Choose your weapon…
Music House Unzion

Music House Unizon

The Keys to the City…

Tone Blue

Tone Blue

The good stuff is always behind the counter…
West Music Sound & Communication

West Music Sound & Communication

The Tower Of Tone calls to you…

Click here for more information about our awesome Japanese dealers.

Lollar Pickups Welcomes Zenbu Distribution

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Zenbu Co. Ltd. as the exclusive distributor of Lollar products in Japan.

Zenbu Japan Co. Ltd.
3-8-8 Kyomachibori, #101
Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0003 Japan
Phone: 81-6-6441-2263
Fax: 81-6-6441-2264

Zenbu Co. has many years of experience in distributing high quality products in Japan. Also, in a recent visit to Lollar Headquarters, Zenbu’s president Mr. Isao Inoue showed himself to be a fabulous bass player.

Isao Inoue of Zenbu joins several Lollar staff members for an evening of excellent music.

Isao Inoue of Zenbu joins several Lollar staff members for an evening of excellent music.

Shown from left to right are Isao Inoue of Zenbu playing bass; Greg Timmons of Lollar Pickups playing guitar; Randy Barnes of Lollar Pickups playing drums; and Jason Lollar playing the organ.

We are very excited to be working closely with Isao and his entire team, and look forward to making Lollar pickups more accessible than ever to the Japanese market.

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