30 Years of Listening: The Quest for Tone

At Lollar Pickups, we're obsessed with tone. Our mission is to create the highest quality pickups so you can match that sound in your head and express your own unique musical vision.
Lollar Pickups' Break Room

The essence of Lollar Pickups is consistency, expertise, and outstanding customer service. We merge old-school craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology and testing methods to manufacture premium pickups for electric guitar, bass, and steel guitar.

There is no assembly line here. Instead, each and every pickup is built from scratch by one of our highly-trained, dedicated artisans. Each builder completes an intensive one year apprenticeship and undergoes continuous training. It's all part of the Lollar Pickups mojo. You benefit from the collective expertise, passion, and experience of an outstanding team of craftsman who care deeply about what they create. We're also musicians and performers ourselves, so we know what you need whether you're on tour, in the studio, or a weekend warrior jamming in the basement with friends.

Everything we sell is created in our workshop in Tacoma, WA using the best, specially selected parts and materials. We are one of the few pickup manufacturers to make many parts in-house, each pickup is an expression of perfection — right down to the maker's mark that is the final touch on every Lollar pickup. Those initials are our guarantee of quality.

We've been doing this for decades — and we're still learning and striving for perfection. We design with purpose, and all our products are backed by excellent customer service and support.

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What they are saying

Billy Yost playing Lollar Pickups
"My new Lollar Low-Wind Imperials
and Custom Mounting Rings are
absolutely awesome! This Strat has
never sounded better."
Billy Yost of The Kickback
Chris Traynor playing Lollar Pickups
"Lollar never fails to bring out the
best individual tone in each of my
instruments. There's definitely magic
inside each set of Lollar pickups."
Chris Traynor of Bush and High Desert Fires
Jimmy Herring plays Lollar Pickups
"Lollar Imperial Humbuckers
and P-90 for Humbuckers have
brought my guitars to life!
I'm a big Lollar fan!"
Jimmy Herring of Widespread Panic
Mark Karan playing Lollar Pickups
"I've been through a lot of
different kinds of pickups
through the years, and I really
love the sound and the 'feel'
of Jason's stuff."
Mark Karan of Bob Weir & Ratdog
Kenny Harris plays Lollar Pickups
"The dynamics and detail in the
hand wired pickups is unbelievable
and really reflects the care that
goes into the craftsmanship."
Kenneth Harris of Panic! At The Disco
Bill Frisell on Lollar Pickups
"Jason Lollar and his pickups
are the real deal. Thanks Jason!"
Bill Frisell
Josh Weaver playing Lollar Pickups
"Thank you Jason and team so much
for all of your support. I
absolutely love the pickups!!"
Josh Weaver of Royal Thunder
Thomas Oliver playing Lollar El Rayo pickups
"I love my lap steel sound to be
thick and warm, but often that's
at the expense of clarity. With my
Lollar El Rayo, I can hear the space
around every string. It's just right for me."
Thomas Oliver of the Thomas Oliver Band
Brad Fernquist plays Lollar Pickups
"Lollar pickups have been in all my
guitars for years now. Lollar has
really cracked the code on
pickup making."
Brad Fernquist of Goo Goo Dolls
Will Fiore plays Lollar Pickups
"I thought I loved my jazzmaster
before, now with these Lollar
pickups it's a whole new beast!"
Will Fiore of Royal Thunder
Robert Randolph playing Lollar Pickups
"Lollar pickups have always been
the 'secret sauce' in my bluesy
rock n' roll tone. Very clean punchy
and lots of sustain!"
Robert Randolph
Jim Fairchild playing Lollar Blackface Pickups
"I use and love Lollar Blackface
pickups in both my main Stratocasters.
They are even, snappy and perfectly
Jim Fairchild of Modest Mouse
Dave Depper plays Lollar Firebird pickups
"Discovering the Firebird pickup by
Lollar was like stumbling upon the
unified theory of tone. And I haven't
looked back since."
Dave Depper of Death Cab for Cutie
Ehsaan Noorani playing Lollar Pickups
"Lollar Pickups are the most expressive
pickups that I have used. I see myself
using Lollar pickups for a long long time."
Ehsaan Noorani of Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy
Steve Selvidge loves Lollar Pickups
"I've been playing vintage Widerange
Humbuckers for decades and the Regals
absolutely nail it. My plan is to build
a guitar for every pickup Lollar makes!"
Steve Selvidge of The Hold Steady
Brendon Urie plays Lollar Imperials
"I really love having these Lollar
Imperial pickups in my Fender guitars,
with some of the best dynamics I could
ask for in a guitar pickup."
Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco
Dave Keary plays Lollar Pickups
"I have used, swapped, and switched
countless pickups over the years and by
a mile Lollar has won hands down for
me and my demands as a player."
Dave Keary of Van Morrison
James Williamson plays Lollar Pickups
"Jason did an incredible job of
replicating the pickups from this 1969
Les Paul Custom which was used to record
'Raw Power' so that I could get the same
sound in all of my touring guitars."
James Williamson of The Stooges
Kazumi Watanabe loves Lollar Pickups
"I feel that Lollar pickups have a great
response and balanced tone. I purchased a
Collings Model 290 some years ago and Lollars
came with it. Since then, I love the sound of
Lollar pickups very much."
Kazumi Watanabe

The Lollar Pickups Difference

The result is a line of pickups with clarity, touch sensitivity, exceptional dynamic range, and superior tone.
Inside Lollar Pickups:  Bobbin Building

Our tireless testing, comparing, and experimenting sets us apart. It allows us to create custom pickups for clients as well as continually refine our entire line of products. All Alnico magnets are charged to specific gauss strengths unique to each pickup, exposed humbucker bobbins are hand polished, and single coil flatworks are laser cut in our shop for flawless precision. That's why Lollar Pickups are the choice of countless professional musicians, some of the finest luthiers, and discriminating retailers and dealers worldwide.

We also run all our pickups through more than a dozen testing points to ensure consistency and quality. We take the time to get it right, every time. And our experience helps us maintain consistency while crafting everything by hand.

We're big enough to offer premium quality at an affordable price, yet nimble enough to be flexible and continually evolving. Because just like playing guitar, the more you practice and learn, the better you get.

After all this, we take our pickups into our own sound room for the ultimate test: How do they sound? Because in the end, it's the only thing that truly matters.

Inside Lollar Pickups:  It's Hard to Call This Work
Inside Lollar Pickups:  Handmade with Laser Precision
Inside Lollar Pickups:  Yes, Handmade!
Inside Lollar Pickups:  Can You Hear All That Potential?