General Pickup Installation Instructions

We use two kinds of wire: vintage cloth insulated single conductor and single conductor shielded cable with exposed braided shield.

Cloth Covered Wire: The center conductor is exposed by pushing back the outer cloth insulation—no need to strip the wire. White lead is hot, black lead is ground, yellow lead is hot and indicates a RWRP pickup.

Shielded Cable: Unbraid the outside shield by picking at the braid a few strands at a time starting at the cut end and working in a straight line down one side of the cable. Expose 1/2"–3/4" of the inside center lead insulation then twist the peeled back braid into one lead. The lead created from the braid is connected to ground. The insulated center conductor is the hot lead. The other method is to push back the braid just like using push back wire — you can solder the braid directly to ground without worrying about burning through the cloth insulation of the center conductor.

Pickup Adjustment: For best results Fender style pickups or pickups with non-adjustable poles are meant to be located approximately 1/8" below the strings. Gibson style pickups or pickups with adjustable poles work best as close to the strings as possible. The above instructions are just a guideline for a place to start with your adjustment, raising or lowering either type of pickup can have dramatic tone and volume results. For more detailed instructions check out our strat pickup installation video.

Lollar Warranty: All new pickups are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects for the life of the product to the original purchaser. Disconnecting the leads at the pickup or removing the coil tape will void the warranty.

All pickups are thoroughly tested several times during manufacturing. We back up any work we do and want a chance to fix a problem if one occurs.

4 Conductor Wire
Green—screw side inside—ground
Red—screw side outside—connect to white
White—slug outside—connect to red
Black—slug side inside—hot

Installing a Charlie Christian for Tele Neck Pickup

 Body Mount Routing Diagram

 Pickguard Mount Routing Diagram

Installing a Charlie Christian for Archtop Pickup

 2-Point Installation Diagram

 3-Point Installation Diagram

Installing a Blade Style Tele Bridge Pickup

 Installation Instructions