Jazzmaster Pickups

Fender Jazzmaster® pickups are often assumed to be only useful for surf music. They also produce an excellent range of tones for blues and rock n' roll as evidenced by legendary Jazzmaster® guitar players including Mickey Baker, Don Wilson, Nels Cline, J. Mascis and Thurston Moore.

The Lollar Jazzmaster® style pickups have a tone that falls somewhere between a Strat's sparkle and chime and a Les Paul's midrange and bass. Its fat tone comes from the Jazzmaster's® large surface area as compared with a Strat pickup, which has a more focused, bell-like tone. The detailed treble the Jazzmaster® gets is partly due to its single-coil design and the way its rod magnets are used as individual pole pieces.

For a detailed exploration at these pickups, read Jason Lollar's article, Jazzmaster Pickups and the Fender Jazzmaster Guitar, to get the nitty-gritty on the wide range of tones the pickup produces, helpful modifications, idiosyncrasies, and a bit of history on the Fender Jazzmaster® — including why it's one of Jason's favorite guitar designs.

See our Jazzmaster® style pickups below.