Welcome to the Lollar Custom Shop

We build all Lollar pickups from scratch — including custom orders. Have a wild pickup idea buzzing in your head? We want to hear about it and help you on your quest for tone.
Custom Pickups by Lollar Pickups

Now, we can't promise to build anything and everything. Some concepts are either too impractical or just acoustically impossible. And we can't fight physics. But it never hurts to ask! After all, some of the best sonic leaps began as crazy notions.

During the consultation period (outlined below) we will discuss what's feasible, what's not, and offer ideas on how to build your custom pickup to give you the tone and performance you're after. It's what we call fun. We're builders and creators, and we love a challenge. We also create pickups for instruments besides guitar, bass, and steel so you're welcome to pitch other ideas as well.

For inspiration, check out all the photos, drawings, and descriptions (below) of previously created custom pickups. If you see something you like let us know. If your custom order is based on a design we've already developed your cost will be significantly less than if we start the design process from scratch.

Ready to talk custom pickups? Here's how it works.

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How to Order a Custom Lollar Pickup

First, send us an email with a brief description of your idea.

After we reply to your email, if it is determined the item can be made we will schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with Jason Lollar to talk turkey. If Jason decides we can craft your pickup idea, he'll give you a cost estimate and an initial timeline to completion. At this time, you'll put down a deposit based on Jason's cost estimate.

Once we're clear on what you want, we begin the design process, which is billed at $200 per hour. Further phone consultations with Jason, if needed, are $150 per hour.

And then, once the design drawings and specs are ready, we take your concept to our workshop and get busy building your pickup.

A few final details and caveats:

  • Please note that custom pickups cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • If your project is based on a design we've previously developed your cost will be significantly less than if we require new design drawings.
  • It costs extra for our team to play and listen to your custom pickup. For more details, ask Jason during your consultation.
  • Our Custom Shop is for retail customers only. Luthiers and dealers should call our Customer Service line at (206) 463-9838 to discuss custom options including our rates for research and development.
  • In many cases, we can work with customer-supplied products and materials, but not always. Please ask about this during your initial consultation process if you're considering this. Lollar Pickups does not offer a warranty for customer-supplied material or products, however.
  • We don't have a standard turnaround time for custom orders since they are all so different, but be aware custom pickups take much longer to produce. But we'll give you a timeline on your project so you know what to expect.
  • Lollar Pickups will never violate existing trademarks or rework the designs of any guitar makers. Nor will we build our parts into your existing cover.
  • We only do rewinds as repairs, not custom orders.