Customs, Repops, and Repairs, OH MY!

Custom built Lollar ES300 pickup

This ES 300 reproduction pickup was hand built from raw materials in-house at Lollar Pickups.

At Lollar, we’re one of the few places that actually makes pickups completely from scratch – we always have, always will. Whether it’s for a custom application or a vintage restoration, we have the tools and knowledge to fabricate almost anything in-house, from small repair/replacement parts to complete pickups.

This is a copy of a later version of the Gibson ES 300 pickup that we built recently for a restoration. The old tortoiseshell material Gibson used degrades over time and after decades it just crumbles to dust, so these solid tortoise pickups made from celluloid are often missing from the vintage instruments.

As seen in the picture below. two versions of the ES 300 pickups were made; a long and short. This one is the short of course, but we’ve made the long version too.

Two ES 300 pickups, one long and one short

Here are a couple vintage ES 300 guitars, one with the long version of the pickup and one with the short.

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I have no idea what they were thinking when they designed this! To be honest, the long version really doesn’t even sound that good.  On top of this, the original design was made in such a way that you can’t get them apart to repair them. (Our replacements can be taken apart a little easier, but even then they are not really intended to be serviced easily – that’s just the nature of this beast.) We really enjoy working with repair shops to recreate pickups no one else makes to restore vintage instruments such as these.  Over the years whenever a vintage pickup has come in for repair that could be made by hand without extensive tooling – such as stamp and die or injection molds are required – I’ll draw up the entire pickup in a CAD program, so we could reproduce them if needed. This allows us to increase consistency of the products we build, while lowering costs and reducing turnaround time for our customers, and it’s just another way we try to do whatever we can to offer a level service that goes above and beyond. If you have a custom need or a vintage restoration project that we might be able to assist you with, give us a call or email to see what we can do.