Lollar Horseshoe Pickups Available – VERY Limited Quantity

We just came out with these again, and they are the best Lollar horseshoe pickups I have ever made.

They were made in a very small batch, so there is a very limited quantity available.


Lollar Horseshoe pickup

Lollar horseshoe style pickups (six string) are now available.  We have designed them to have some great features.  The horseshoes are real magnets which are chrome plated, and the bobbins have adjustable pole pieces .  They also come with fiberboard, half-moon mounting brackets, springs, and thumbwheel style height adjustment nuts. We used some thin chrome colored Mylar tape to cover the center gap between the ends. Of course, if the ends actually touched each other, they would lose all of their magnetism.

Another important feature is the length of the base plate.  We made it slightly longer, which provides a bit more room between the thumbwheel and the horshshoe magnet itself.  This allows for the thumbwheels to rotate more fully, and keeps it from rubbing against the outside curve of the horseshoe.  This makes it much easier to adjust the height of the pickup. We will be making the narrower 1- 1/4″ wide horseshoe pickup for bass guitars and combo styles as soon as we can.

This first batch was made in a very limited quantity, so call the shop soon.

Our phone hours are from 8am to 5pm, Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. (206) 463-9838.  These pickups are not yet available on the web site, so you will need to place your order by phone.

You can also follow this link to send an email via the Lollar Pickups contact info page.

There will be more in the future, but if you are eager to purchase one now, call us right away.

The price is $450, plus shipping.