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Thunderbird Style Bass Pickup Now at Lollar

Thunderbird style bass pickups are now available from Lollar pickups.

We have a new old pickup design for the Epiphone Thunderbird bass copy with the bolt on neck and black plastic pickups. Our pickup design is internally the same as the 1960’s vintage Gibson Thunderbird bass pickups.

I meticulously reverse engineered a set of original “64” pickups which are humbucking pickups with alnico blade poles with an internal steel reflector plate. The pickups are made with an assembly of black plastic pieces – flat black tops – and they are an exact fit for the Epiphone pickup routes and have the same height adjustment screw locations so it takes no modifications of the guitar to change out to this vintage style pickup.

Thunderbird style bass pickup for Epiphones

Thunderbird style bass pickup for Epiphones

You’ll notice a little less output and a far clearer and punchier tone with the new Lollar replacement pickups. Pickup size is 1.5″ x 3.81″ and the internal blade pole pieces are 2-1/2” long.

The DC resistance measures 8.2K for the neck and 9.2K for the bridge.

Hopefully in the future I will have a version for the Gibson made re-issues and possibly a version with the same pickup cover and sizing as an original if the sizing is any different than the Gibson re-issue. If I get enough requests for the metal cover version I will go ahead and invest in a stamp and die to make them.

Price is $180 each. You can order Thunderbird bass pickups on our web site.

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