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Selecting the Correct Lollar P-90 Dogear Pickups

Selecting the Correct Lollar P-90 Dogear Pickups:

The P90 Dog Ear is one of the most problematic pickups to determine which a guitar needs. They also can be difficult to install and adjust.

Some guitars have the strings higher off the body than others, if the neck joint is like a traditional archtop with a fingerboard extension, the guitar will often take a tall Dog Ear (my stock item).

If the guitar has a neck joint like a Gibson ES 335, the fingerboard is at the same level as the top of the guitar so it needs a short Dog Ear.

I make a short version—I don’t think anyone else does other than Korea. The short Dog Ear cover is .2” tall with pole spacing of 1 7/8”. The tall pickup cover is .452” tall with pole spacing of- 1 31/32”.

ES 5, ES 295’s and early ES 175’s use tall Dog Ears. ES 330’s use a short neck and a tall bridge.

Older ES 125’s needs a pickup that is neither short nor tall and needs to be custom made. I do not supply pickup covers for these; you have to re-use the old cover.

I make plastic shims in crème or black that are exactly the shape of the bottom of the dog ear cover. The crème shim is only available in .1” thick. The black is available in .0325,” .0625,” .1,” .125,” and .25” thickness. You can stack the shims if they need to be thicker.  Sometimes you have to make a riser block out of wood like on the old 295 bridge pickup. There is also a shim that is “oversized” for use when you are installing a dogear style pickup into a guitar that has been routed for a humbucker sized pickup. It spans the extra width of the humbucker route, and adds an extra distance of 3/32” all the way around. It’s cut out of 1/32” thick material.

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