Regal Humbucker

Price: $210.00


After several years of research (and debating if the cost of tooling would be worth it), we've come up with our version of the classic "wide range" humbucker. They are fat and clear, with a nice top end sparkle. Great note bloom, with a vocal midrange that never sacrifices note definition. The originals had the same winding specs for the neck and bridge—ours vary a little for better volume and tone balance. We make custom sized bobbins in our shop, with the covers, base plates, and lead and magnet wire made to spec for us in the US. They have the same footprint as the originals—perfect for your Tele Customs and Deluxes! Chrome, nickel or gold (Gold pole pieces not available) covers. Available in singles or sets.

Please note: The Regal is a custom sized pickup. It is larger than a standard humbucker, and uses a different mounting pattern. It will not fit into a standard humbucker rout, or use standard humbucker mounting rings.

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10.7K Neck and Bridge

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Cover Options:
Gold (+$10 Note: gold pole piece screws not available)
Mounting ring (neck or bridge) -- Black (+$10)

Regal Humbucker

Mounting Options
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Regal Mounting Ring, Black
MP3 Files of Regal Humbucker Pickup

Clean soundfiles played through a Fender Princeton with 12" speaker
Dirty soundfiles played through a 65 amps London/color channel with boost
All soundfiles played on a Fender Deluxe reissue guitar with 250K pots (stock on reissue)