Set of 2 Stringmaster 8-String Pickups

Price: $230.00

A nice full range of tone, clean trebles. Full but defined bass. Often considered a sonic upgrade from the original 50s Fender sets. Sets of 2 are RWRP for hum-canceling. String spacing outside-to-outside of strings is 2.656". Alnico 5 magnets, scatter wound coil. Sets are available with a pre-wired blend pot for an additional $10/set.
NOTE: Covers not included.
Equal dc resistance Neck and Bridge: 8.6K

Stringmaster 8 Wiring Diagram

Pre-wired Blend Pot:
With pre-wired blend pot (add $10)
Without pre-wired blend pot

Set of 2 Stringmaster 8-String Pickups