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Lollar Pickups in Japan… Sugoi!

We’ve recently received some fantastic photos of Lollar pickups in the Land of the Rising Sun. Our Superstar distributor, Zenbu Japan, along with their top-of-the-line dealers, have created some beautiful displays of Lollar goodness… Check it out!

Miki Gakki – Shinsaibashi Store

Miki Gakki

So much good stuff…

Hybrid Guitars

Hybrid Guitars

Choose your weapon…
Music House Unzion

Music House Unizon

The Keys to the City…

Tone Blue

Tone Blue

The good stuff is always behind the counter…
West Music Sound & Communication

West Music Sound & Communication

The Tower Of Tone calls to you…

Click here for more information about our awesome Japanese dealers.

Lollar Pickups rock the Internets 2.0

Jason Lollar dials up Facebook

Jason dials up The Facebook

It’s 2011, and we’ve decided to dive right into the whole social networking thing the kids seem to love so much…  and bring you the latest and greatest on our pickups and the eternal search for tone. Click on the links below and get started!

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Lollar Pickups chooses electronVolt for Spanish distribution

electronVolt Distribution

electronVolt Distribution

After many successful years of business in the Spanish market, we are pleased to announce that electronVolt Effects has been named as our exclusive distributor to Spain. Marc Gras and his entire team continue to work closely with Spanish dealers and players… their knowledge and understanding of Lollar products will continue to make our pickups a favorite in Spain.

electronVolt effects
C/ Espíritu santo 10
39770 Laredo, Spain
Tel: +942612944

Lollar Holiday hours 2010

AhnoldHappy Holidays to all. It’s that time of year for us to take a little break from our Lollarly (is that a word?) duties, and recharge our proverbial batteries.  We will be closing the shop beginning Friday, December 24th, 2010 and returning Monday, January 3rd, 2011.

As always, our website is open 24-7 for all of your pickup needs. Sound clips, technical information, videos… plenty of stuff to keep you busy ’till we return.

Lollar Pickups – Start here!

Thank you all for your tremendous support in 2010. We’ve got some great things planned for next year. Stay tuned!

Stephanie’s heartfelt Holiday wishes!

The Regal has landed…


Hey now… to all of you Deluxe and Custom Wide Range tone-heads, here you go. It’s Regal time:

The Lollar Regal Humbucker

Thanks for all of your patience. Enjoy!

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