Lollar Pickups chooses electronVolt for Spanish distribution

electronVolt Distribution

electronVolt Distribution

After many successful years of business in the Spanish market, we are pleased to announce that electronVolt Effects has been named as our exclusive distributor to Spain. Marc Gras and his entire team continue to work closely with Spanish dealers and players… their knowledge and understanding of Lollar products will continue to make our pickups a favorite in Spain.

electronVolt effects
C/ Espíritu santo 10
39770 Laredo, Spain
Tel: +942612944

Lollar Holiday hours 2010

AhnoldHappy Holidays to all. It’s that time of year for us to take a little break from our Lollarly (is that a word?) duties, and recharge our proverbial batteries.  We will be closing the shop beginning Friday, December 24th, 2010 and returning Monday, January 3rd, 2011.

As always, our website is open 24-7 for all of your pickup needs. Sound clips, technical information, videos… plenty of stuff to keep you busy ’till we return.

Lollar Pickups – Start here!

Thank you all for your tremendous support in 2010. We’ve got some great things planned for next year. Stay tuned!

Stephanie’s heartfelt Holiday wishes!

The Regal has landed…


Hey now… to all of you Deluxe and Custom Wide Range tone-heads, here you go. It’s Regal time:

The Lollar Regal Humbucker

Thanks for all of your patience. Enjoy!

Lollar Gift Certificates! Just in time for the Holidays…


Happy Holidays from Lollar Pickups

That’s right friends and neighbors… Lollar Gift Certificates are here. Having trouble deciding on just what you want for the holidays? Are you the person who has everything? The person who wants everything? Birthdays… Weddings… really REALLY sorry about that “thing”…? Well, just sit back and relax, dear patrons o’ the tone… we’re here to help.

Lollar Gift Certificates. The Best thing since EVER! You want ’em… we got ’em.

Call anytime, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, PST. We are ready, willing, and able to make your gift-giving (and getting) woes a thing of the past. 206-463-9838.

It’s the Holidays. Time to get wound up!

The “Regal” is getting closer…

“The waiting is the hardest part”… I’m sure we’ve heard that somewhere before.

We promise… we’re almost there. We just need a few more custom parts to make it to our front door, and we can turn Jason and our crew of Master Builders loose on what has turned out to be the most anticipated pickup in our history. Who knew? Jason has wanted to build the “Regal” for years, and we expected some of you die-hards to be interested, but WOW! The response so far has been off the charts. We REALLY appreciate your patience, and promise it will be worth the wait.

The Lollar Regal humbucker

The Lollar Regal humbucker

Retail will be $200.00 each… necks and bridges, custom wound to their specific locations. For those of you who missed them, here are some down and dirty clips (clean-Fender Princeton / Dirty – 65 amps London – color channel with boost. 250K pots):

Lollar Wide Range Bridge, Dirty

Lollar Wide Range Bridge, Clean

Lollar Wide Range Neck and Bridge, Dirty

Lollar Wide Range Neck and Bridge, Clean

Lollar Wide Range Neck, Dirty

Lollar Wide Range Neck, Clean

Thanks again for all of your patience and support. Stay tuned…