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I’d Like To Go On Record And Say…

We’re pretty excited about what we have on the horizon here at Lollar Pickups!

Engineer: "That one was pretty good too, but I think we can get better, let's try another take? 'Mane Event' guitar solo, take 43..."  Lion: "I think we should take a lunch break, you look delicious... I MEAN HUNGRY... you look HUNGRY!"  Engineer: "I think we got everything we need. That's a wrap, everyone! Let's call this one done!"

We’ve Upgraded our in-house recording facilities to offer everything anyone could want in sound clips; more, better, and faster!



But seriously, it's almost 2018 and we're just NOW getting a computer-based recording setup?!?

Sleep long, sweet prince. You’ve served us well, but your time to rest has come.

In the past, all of our sound clip recordings were made in our employee break room on an old standalone Tascam DP 01 digital Portastudio multitrack recorder that we picked up circa 2005. While the DP 01 was pretty cool way back when “Dubyah” was still in the Oval Office, now days it seems a little… antiquated.





We’ve also been incredibly fortunate over the years to have a few friends in the industry with both the talent and equipment to do a fantastic job recording great sound clips and demo videos – more importantly, they were kind enough  to volunteer their time and talent to our cause and spreading the gospel of tone! To those of you that have been so gracious, thank you so much!


However, with our eyes fixed firmly on the goal of providing our customers with even more sonic examples, more often, and better than ever before, we have just about wrapped up the building of an in-house recording studio for making audio demos and eventually even videos!


If this were MTV Cribs, I'd say, "This is where the magic happens." then the camera would pan over and I'd show the Scarface poster.

The no-frills control room is mostly set up, only things missing are the reference monitors/headphones.


We hope to cover more playing styles, perhaps even being able to accommodate requests for genres from time to time. We also think having a dedicated space to record demos will give us a level of consistency that we simply didn’t have before.




Ground control, this is Major Tom.

The view between the studio and control rooms is divided by a pair of uncoupled windows, the studio side of which is canted in a downward angle to break up standing waves in the live room.

Major Tom, this is ground control....

Looking into the studio from the control room.


The space has been completely purpose-built and designed by our very own Mike Henke and Steve Hunter, with additional design input from Topher Farrell – these three guys really wear many different hats to make things happen here at Lollar!



Is it just me, or does "Dead Space" sound like a zombie sci-fi movie?!?

The 1-1/2 feet of insulated “dead space” between the studio and control rooms provides great sound isolation


The actual studio area is approximately 11.75’ x 7.75’ and the control room is about 9.25’ x 5.5’, the two spaces are separated by a 1.25’ thickness of insulated dead air between their respective walls.






The nice men in the white coats said I had to stay in the rubber room until I calmed down. All I see is rubber floors.

The nice men in the white coats said I had to stay in the rubber room until I calmed down. All I see is rubber floors.

The entire area has been built in the “room within a room” fashion – surrounded by insulation, and completely floating on high-density rubberized flooring – all to isolate it from outside sound (and to help ensure everyone else working in the shop doesn’t go crazy listening to multiple takes off the same riffs being played over and over and OVVVVEEEERRRR during the recording process… haha!)




Sorry this picture is a little blurry, I just couldn't seem to get the... FOCUSRITE

Focusrite Clarette 4 Pre interface and Apple Mac Mini computer


The entire studio is outfitted with Mogami Gold cables for all instrument, speaker, and microphone interconnections.







They sure don't sound very *realistic* to me...

These Realistic Nova’40 headphones really provide that “vintage analog sound” that is so poplar on all the forums… 😉   Needless to say, we could use an update in the critical listening equipment department – but even after we upgrade our cans, these things will be sticking around for cool factor alone.

While acquiring the equipment for the studio, several manufacturers and dealers were very kind in offering us assistance choosing the perfect gear for our needs; Focusrite pointed us towards their great Clarette 4 Pre recording interface, Mogami/Marshall Electronics set us up with all of our cable needs – instrument, speaker, and mic cables, all Mogami Gold. Bob Mondok over at Sweetwater was very attentive to our needs when it came to our mics (Shure SM57) and DAW (Avid Pro Tools 12), ensuring that our order was processed very quickly and following up afterward to check to see that everything arrived quickly and safely, and asked if there was anything we needed assistance with as far as installing and authorizing the software. The other bits and pieces came together thanks to our local music store, Ted Brown Music, where pro audio associate, Shawn Douglas, squared us away with the accessories such as mic stands, cable adapters, etc. It’s so reassuring to know that you have a resource like such a great, family owned music store right down the street. Many thanks to all the people and companies that were so helpful in getting us up and running! Your amazing service ensures that we’ll be in touch for all our future needs! (I’m thinking headphones are definitely a short list item…)


We are very lucky to have a plethora of great amps that we will be able to use for demos, including;

Soldano HR-50X Hot Rod 50 Plus head + 4×12 cabinet with Eminence Legend V1216 speakers (thanks to Mike Soldano for loaning this one to us!)

Heavy! Duty! Heavy duty rock and roll... Brings out the duty in my soul.

This Soldano HR-50X is on long-term loan from Mike Soldano and will be used to handle all of the “heavy” lifting duties.

No, Kevin, I know for a fact you don't party!

My name is (Hot) Rod (50 Plus), and I like to party.













65 Amps London combo with 1×12 speaker

London Calling!

65 Amps London Combo with Electro-Voice RE-20 and Shure SM-57 mics


Vintage Vox AC30 Super Twin head/cabinet

And then there’s our stable of Vintage Fender amps –Tweed, Brownface, Blonde, Blackface, Silverface– Champs, Super Reverbs, Deluxes, Vibroluxes, Bassmans (Bassmen?). Mmmmm… Fender amps…

Other gear that may likely be used often:

Electro-Voice RE20 dynamic mic, MXL V57M ldc mic, CAD Audio GXL2200 ldc mic, Apple Mac Mini, and, of course, guitars. Lots and lots of guitars.


Stay tuned for updated sound clips and videos, and feel free to let us know what you’d like to see and hear coming out of the new studio, we’ll see what we can do to accommodate!

The Lollar recording studio are go!

Lights, camera, silence on the set, tape rolling, 3-2-1, ACTION!

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