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Mustangs Revisited

We have been asked quite a few times over the years if we make a replacement for the stock pickups in Fender’s Reissue Mustang Bass, the answer was always, “Yes and no…”

Fender’s Reissue version of the Mustang Bass features slightly different dimensions than the original vintage version of the instrument. Until now there wasn’t a high quality replacement for the Reissues.

We had the ability and willingness to custom build them one at a time all along, but weren’t sure if it was something that demanded a spot in our regular rotation. Each and every time we were asked about them, was another reason to make them readily available, in light of this we have made them available as a regular stock item for the first time.

Lollar Mustang Bass pickups - Direct drop-in replacement for Fender Reissue Mustang Basses

Lollar Mustang Bass pickups – Direct drop-in replacement for Fender Reissue Mustang Basses

What makes our Mustang Reissue pickups so special you ask? Simple, aside from the consistency, dependability, and high quality that all Lollar pickups are known for, they also faithfully recreate the original tone of the vintage Mustang Bass in a direct drop-in replacement pickup for the Reissue Mustang Bass. Up until now there hasn’t been any such option available, due to differences in dimensions between the vintage pickups and those found in the modern Reissue instruments. Please note: because of the dimensional differences, these pickups ARE NOT intended for use in vintage Mustang Basses.

For more info about the Reissue Mustang Bass pickups, or to order check out: Mustang Bass product page


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