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Lollar Charlie Christian Pickups Get New Tops

We are excited to tell you about the new material we are using for the tops of our Charlie Christian style pickups. 

We have phased out the three-ply black / white / black top material.  We have replaced this with a new two-ply material that we are very happy to share with you. 

The overall material thickness is similar.   But the new material is composed of a thinner top black layer and a thicker second white layer.   So when this combination is beveled, the net result is a thicker outer white trim profile.

Lollar Charlie Christian pickups now feature an even more vintage looking top

Lollar Charlie Christian pickups now feature an even more vintage looking top

This new material gives you a look that is closer to a traditionally bound pickup.  On many vintage Charlie Christian pickups the white trim on the top plate was actually a separate piece of material that was glued around the perimeter and then shaped to a uniform surface, flush with the black material.

All of our Charlie Christian pickups will now ship with this new upgraded material.

And just to make sure it’s clear:  The part we are referring to is just the pickup’s decorative top plate. It has nothing to do with the internal construction of the pickup. You can expect the same great Lollar Charlie Christian pickup that has been so well-received.  And now with an improved, even more classic look.

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