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Lollar Pickups and the Texas Guitar Show at SXSW

Visit Lollar Pickups at the SXSW Guitar Show

Visit Lollar Pickups at the SXSW Guitar Show

We will be participating in the Texas Guitar show, which is part of the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference and festivals. We hope our Texas customers will drop by our booth this coming weekend.

We will be displaying a variety of Lollar pickups. We will have some of our most popular pickups, including our tele, strat, humbucker, and P-90 style pickups. This will also be a good opportunity to check out some of our newer – more specialized – items, like our Supro style replacement pickups, our Melody Maker style replacement pickups, and even a McCarty style pickup / pickguard pre-wire assembly.

Probably the most exciting thing to check out is the re-release of Jason’s pickup winding book. There will be copies of the book available for sale. And, depending on the schedule, Jason might be available to sign it for you.



As a side note, Jason has been really looking forward to another visit to Texas.  He has taken up a preoccupation with the Armadillo, and is interested in all things Armadillo related.  Including riding them!

Follow this link for more information about the Texas Guitar Show at SXSW.

And follow this link for more information about the Lollar Pickups display area at SXSW.

We’ll look forward to seeing you this Friday or Saturday, March 19th and 20th.

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