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What’s With The Picks?

The picks are made out of Forbon which is the trade name for vulcanized fiberboard. This is the same material we make all of our Fender style pickups out of. This is the material Fender originally used and still uses for most of their pickups. It’s also used as an electrical insulator and for items like drum cases. It’s a very old product that is sort of one of the first attempts at making the equivalent of plastic. Forbon is made of cellulose (wood pulp) and contains no glues or resins intended to hold the cellulose together, it is formed under high heat and pressure which changes the molecular structure of the cellulose and binds all the particles together into a uniform material.

Lollar picks are made of Forbon

Lollar picks are made of Forbon

I was doing a Vintage show and I made some picks out of the .090 material I use just with the main idea that I would give them away with my company name on them as sort of a business card. Almost immediately people were coming from all over the hall looking for the picks—it was a hit.

I have used Tortex about .05 thick—pretty thick—or I use my fingers but once I tried the Forbon picks I switched over to them. They come un-beveled but if you just play them for a while they will develop a bevel yet they don’t wear out fast. They also have a unique fat tone that’s hard to describe, the attack sounds like it is stretched out over a slightly longer time which gives a little bit of a grind to the overall tone.

Anyway, I thought I would address this because there is a controversy about whether they are intended to actually be used or not!

Thunderbird Style Bass Pickup Now at Lollar

Thunderbird style bass pickups are now available from Lollar pickups.

We have a new old pickup design for the Epiphone Thunderbird bass copy with the bolt on neck and black plastic pickups. Our pickup design is internally the same as the 1960’s vintage Gibson Thunderbird bass pickups.

I meticulously reverse engineered a set of original “64” pickups which are humbucking pickups with alnico blade poles with an internal steel reflector plate. The pickups are made with an assembly of black plastic pieces – flat black tops – and they are an exact fit for the Epiphone pickup routes and have the same height adjustment screw locations so it takes no modifications of the guitar to change out to this vintage style pickup.

Thunderbird style bass pickup for Epiphones

Thunderbird style bass pickup for Epiphones

You’ll notice a little less output and a far clearer and punchier tone with the new Lollar replacement pickups. Pickup size is 1.5″ x 3.81″ and the internal blade pole pieces are 2-1/2” long.

The DC resistance measures 8.2K for the neck and 9.2K for the bridge.

Hopefully in the future I will have a version for the Gibson made re-issues and possibly a version with the same pickup cover and sizing as an original if the sizing is any different than the Gibson re-issue. If I get enough requests for the metal cover version I will go ahead and invest in a stamp and die to make them.

Price is $180 each. You can order Thunderbird bass pickups on our web site.

Lollar Pickups at the NY Amp Show

amp-show-logoIf you have plans for Saturday, May 9th you might want to change them. Come see us at the NY Amp Show instead!

Jason and a few of our staff will be at the NY Amp Show on Saturday the 9th of May.
This is a good opportunity for our east coast customers to visit in person.

We will have a variety of our best selling Lollar pickups—installed—and available for side-by-side comparison.  Always wanted to compare a Lollar Vintage Blonde set and a Lollar Vintage Blackface set?  Now’s the chance!  Ever wanted to hear the clarity of the Lollar Low Wind Imperials and the balanced, rich tone of the Lollar standard Imperials—all in one sitting?  Here’s the opportunity!

The show is from 10am to 6pm and admission is $20.

For more information about the show, follow this link to the amp show web site.

We hope to see you there!

Lollar Reveals Secrets to the Tonal Universe

Well now, what is one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive on an ongoing basis?   It’s, “What in the world is in those Nash guitars…!!!…???”  Which is usually followed by a few positive “%#$%&**&^%$#’s” and “gotta get me some!” type comments.

Funny you should mention that.  In fact, that’s what Bill Nash did….he suggested we reveal which types of Lollar strats and teles go into his Lollar-equipped guitars.  In part, to save us all some time, but also in part to help you in your search for awesome tone.

So without further delay:

Lollar Nash Strat pickups are a hybrid set.  They consist of the Lollar Vintage Blonde ® series in the neck and middle positions, and the Lollar “Nash” strat in the bridge.  The Nash style strat bridge is a very slight variation of the Lollar Special S ® series.  For “off the shelf” ordering purposes, you would want to order the Lollar Blonde neck and middle, and the Lollar Special S for the bridge.  This hybrid combination is often referred to as our “Dirty Blonde” strat set.  Chime and sparkle from the neck and middle position pickups, plus a thicker tone and slightly higher output from the bridge position.  The best of both worlds, you might say.

Lollar Nash Tele pickups are also a hybrid set.  They consist of the Lollar Vintage T ® series in the neck, and the Lollar “Nash” tele in the bridge.  The Nash style tele bridge follows along the same lines as the Nash strat.  In other words, the Nash style tele bridge is a very slight variation of the Lollar Special T ® series bridge.  For “off the shelf” ordering purposes, you’ll want to order the Lollar Vintage T series neck and the Lollar Special T series bridge.

And there you have it.  Helping to expand the tonal universe, one player at a time.

And by the way, Thanks for asking!

Lollar Pickups Thanks Acme Guitar Works

After many years of growth and expansion, we have made the decision to become the exclusive on-line dealer for Lollar pickups.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to Acme Guitar Works.  For a number of years Acme offered Lollar pickups in their prewire assemblies.  We have appreciated the contribution that their sales and marketing efforts have made toward our success.

We wish them the best in all their future endeavors.

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