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Lollar “Broiler” Pickups Now Available

We are making a reproduction of the classic vintage pickup with the “jangle” in it’s bones. These pickups were used from the mid 50s to the 70s and are known for creating a signature “bell-like” tone . They are also often remembered as being a distinctive part of the John Lennon sound.

This pickup was used for both guitars and basses, and in typical ’50’s fashion, there was no allowance for string number or spacing variation. For example, some basses were installed with pickups that had 6 pole pieces. The new versions of Lollar “Broiler” pickups measure 7.8 KΩ for the neck pickup, and 8.1 KΩ for the bridge pickup. They can be used for surface mount or pickguard mount.

Lollar now makes a "toaster" style pickup

Lollar "Broiler"

We have modified the appearance to avoid trademark issues regarding the two horizontal black lines on the face of the pickup, but the internal construction and winding is the same as the vintage versions.

Overall size is 3.5” x 1.5.” The pole spacing in 2 inches as measured from center to center of the outside poles. The pole pieces are .25” diameter AlNiCo 5 rod magnets.

The Lollar toaster pickup is made with AlNiCo5 magnets

The Lollar "Broiler" pickup is made with AlNiCo5 magnets

The pickups are available our web site, so you call us directly or order online.   The price for a set is $260, plus shipping.

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