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What’s With The Picks?

The picks are made out of Forbon which is the trade name for vulcanized fiberboard. This is the same material we make all of our Fender style pickups out of. This is the material Fender originally used and still uses for most of their pickups. It’s also used as an electrical insulator and for items like drum cases. It’s a very old product that is sort of one of the first attempts at making the equivalent of plastic. Forbon is made of cellulose (wood pulp) and contains no glues or resins intended to hold the cellulose together, it is formed under high heat and pressure which changes the molecular structure of the cellulose and binds all the particles together into a uniform material.

Lollar picks are made of Forbon

Lollar picks are made of Forbon

I was doing a Vintage show and I made some picks out of the .090 material I use just with the main idea that I would give them away with my company name on them as sort of a business card. Almost immediately people were coming from all over the hall looking for the picks—it was a hit.

I have used Tortex about .05 thick—pretty thick—or I use my fingers but once I tried the Forbon picks I switched over to them. They come un-beveled but if you just play them for a while they will develop a bevel yet they don’t wear out fast. They also have a unique fat tone that’s hard to describe, the attack sounds like it is stretched out over a slightly longer time which gives a little bit of a grind to the overall tone.

Anyway, I thought I would address this because there is a controversy about whether they are intended to actually be used or not!

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